Midland Pay Demo

Watch this short demo on how your renters or borrowers can make their rental or note payment online using Midland Pay!



Midland Pay Video Transcript

Ready to see how to make a payment? It’s the easiest way to pay rent or make a note payment into a Midland account.

You could find your checkbook, write a check (don’t forget to enter it in your register), get out an envelope, find Midland’s address, put a stamp on the envelope, drop it in the mailbox (flag up!), and wait for it to get delivered and credited to the account.


Use Midland Pay!

pay.midlandtrust.com or “Midland Pay” app.

First, choose whether you are paying rent or making a note payment. Making a rent payment? Once you start typing the address, it will auto-populate for you. If you are making a note payment, begin to enter a Note ID and it too will auto-populate.

Next, enter your banking information. You will receive a confirmation.

It’s that simple. And the good news is, it gets even easier the next time you use Midland Pay. When you use it the next time, enter your phone number. The system will remember you like an old friend. Since you’ve made a payment like this before, the details are saved and brought up for you.

Payments are faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. You will save time, effort, and even a stamp. Feel free to use that stamp to send the people who built this tool a thank you note! Created with work by Joe, Will, Michelle, AJ, and Dalton.