Set Up Your Next Investment Fund with Equity Institutional Services

Opening opportunities in the alternative investment market and making accepting retirement dollars easy.  
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Best Self-Directed IRA for Private Equity

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Raise More Capital

Equity Institutional Services offers investment managers an often untapped capital source - their investors’ retirement accounts. We'll work with you to offer investors a seamless process for placing investments through tax-advantaged retirement accounts. This way you can focus on what you do best, and leave the details of the IRA process to us.

The Equity Trust family of companies is a leading custodial services provider in the United States focused on self-directed IRA accounts, custody solutions, and 1031 exchanges for real estate investors. Since 1994, Equity Trust has prided itself on being the most responsive company in its industry by providing personal service representatives to each client and driving efficient operations across the firm.


Equity Institutional Services opens opportunities in the alternative investment market & makes investing easy

Who works with Equity Institutional Services?

  • Checkmark Hedge fund managers
  • Checkmark Real estate syndicators
  • Checkmark Registered Investment Advisors
  • Checkmark Angel Funds
  • Checkmark Venture Capital Principals
What We Do:

When you go to market...

Accepting investors who want the tax advantages that retirement dollars offer is the way we've helped thousands of investment managers set themselves apart and raise capital faster.


Set your fund up with an IRA custodian

We serve the same audience. You speak to investors who are interested in investing in alternative assets. So do we.  But our specialty lies in setting them up to invest their retirement dollars in alternative assets. 

There is no cost to you to set your fund up, and it is the first step to making it easy to accept investors who want the tax advantages of investing using retirement funds.


Here's how it works

  • You upload your investment docs

  • We communicate

  • We support

  • But we do NOT

When we receive your fund details and documents

We onboard your fund much like we onboard individual investors. 

We get you set up so that when your first or your 50th investor comes our way, they have a smooth experience.

When your fund is set up, we contact you 

With your fund already in our system, investors will simply choose the amount and date for the purchase. 

You can track their progress in a portal we designed for you.

We've done this before

While this may be the first time you've considered accepting retirement dollars, we've got good news for you.

We've done this thousands of times.

Just like navigation in your car gives you all the steps you need when you need them, we do the same.

So while it's difficult to understand each step of the whole journey, rest assured we've been doing this for over 25 years and we have made it as simple as possible.

And it gets easier each time you do it.


We do not offer investment advice

Our clients invest in things they know or are interested in. We provide custodial and administrative services to support their choices.

We are not fiduciaries, so we do not advise our clients.

There is nothing in our role that will interfere with your relationship with your investors. 

"If you're looking to align yourself with a reputable, educated advisor on alternative retirement investments, Equity Trust is the leader in this space."

Equity Institutional Services' Capital Raise Guide

Our Capital Raise Guide is the industry standard that investment advisors, fund managers, and real estate investment firms rely on to understand exactly how to increase their investor base through self-direction. In 12 pages, it explains how anyone with a retirement account could use these IRA funds to invest in your offering.

Additional services we offer

Would you like to learn more about other services we offer?


Equity Trust Company is a qualified custodian that offers private fund custody solutions, adding both transparency for investor confidence and separation per the Custody Rule.

Equity Trust also provides custody of documents such as stock certificates, preventing you from having to re-register assets and maintain cash custody or payment processing.