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How to Complete the New Account Application

0:00 - Intro

0:08 - Information You Will Need

0:21 - Welcome and Disclosures

0:54 - Owner Information and Questionnaire

1:11 - Beneficiaries

1:28 - Investment Details

1:44 - Fee Arrangement

1:59 - Funding...


Client Portal Demo

Time Stamps

0:00 - Intro

0:08 - Profile Updates

0:32 - Account Billing Section

0:58 - Distribution Requests

1:30 - Account Contributions

2:18 - Generate Statement

2:32 - Transfer from Another IRA

3:15 - Chat Function


OnePath is a patented technology solution that minimizes client effort in self directing investment choices. You supply Equity Trust with their investment details. Equity Trust will then create a personalized OnePath link specific to your investment offering.


Self-Directed IRA Overviews

All About Self-Directed IRAs

Are you interested in investing in more than just stock and bonds using your retirement funds? The stock market rollercoaster can be a rough ride! Investors looking to diversify turn to Equity Trust for self-directed retirement accounts.

Ask a Self-Directed IRA or 1031 Exchange Expert 

A panel of experts from Equity Trust answers questions on self-directed IRA accounts, self-directed IRA investments, self-directed IRA rules. As well as 1031 exchanges including 1031 exchange timing rules and...


Using an LLC to Invest with your Self-Directed IRA

During this recorded webinar, we discuss: LLCs in a Self-Directed IRA Checkbook Control LLCs Prohibited Transactions UBIT How to set up an LLC Single-Member LLC vs Multi-Member LLC Using an LLC to buy Bitcoin...

New Year, New Investment

During this webinar, we discuss the different types of self-directed IRA investments that you can invest in. One self-directed IRA allows you to invest in an array of assets like real estate, LLCs, notes,...

Retirement Strategies to Diversify your Self-Directed IRA

Diversify your self-directed IRA and learn how to invest in alternative investments. Webinar Replay from 04-28-2020...


Self-Directed Real-Estate IRAs

Real Estate Investing Buy and Hold Strategy

Learn how to invest in real estate using a buy and hold strategy Webinar Replay from 06-02-2020...


Navigating the New Real Estate Landscape

A panel of experts discusses the real estate market in SWFL and investing in real estate using a self-directed IRA. Webinar Replay 06-16-2020...


How to Airbnb your IRA Property Webinar Replay

Learn how to Airbnb your self-directed IRA property. Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in real estate tax-free using retirement funds. During this recorded webinar you'll learn how to invest your...

Benefits of Using a Property Manager for Your IRA Property

What are some benefits of using a property manager to manage your IRA property? Watch this video to find out. Webinar Replay from 05-26-2020...



Investing in Notes

Doing Due Diligence when Investing in Notes

Investing in notes using a self-directed IRA and the importance of doing your due diligence on investments. Webinar Replay from 04-14-2020...


Creative Ways to Structure Note Investments

Recorded webinar from October 10th, 2017 with attorney, Jeff Watson of The Jeffery S. Watson Law Firm LTD. Jeff will be covering some creative ways to structure note investments for real estate as well as...


Joint Ventures in Note Investing

Learn how to invest in notes while doing a joint venture. Webinar Replay from 06-23-2020...