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Thank you for choosing Midland as your self-directed retirement plan administrator. We are grateful that you have entrusted the servicing of your IRA to us. As a valued referral of DLP Capital Partners, we’d like to address key benefits and items that may need some clarification that are specific to you as a DLP investor. Please be aware that Midland is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way connected to DLP, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The official website for DLP is DLPCapitalPartners.com.


The Midland family of companies is a leading custodial services provider focused on self-directed IRA accounts, 1031 exchanges, and private fund custody services. In business since 1994, Midland prides itself on being the most responsive company in the industry by providing personal service representatives to each client and driving efficient operations across the firm. Midland IRA is not a fiduciary and does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. All accounts are self-directed by the account owner, Midland IRA empowers our clients with the Freedom to Invest


This process will be initiated when you complete the following online application. The first step is opening the new IRA at Midland, then funding your IRA, and lastly, executing the investment.


Waive $50 set up
$100 annual account fee
$100/asset annual holding fee
$50 transaction
Use Promo Code: DLP

Please click on the button below that corresponds to your planned investment with DLP:

Midland is not a Fiduciary

IRA Holder understands that Midland IRA, Inc. and Midland Trust Company (collectively referred to as “Midland”) is the Administrator and/or Custodian of self-directed retirement accounts the role is non-discretionary and/or administrative in nature. The IRA Holder or his/her authorized representative must direct all investment transactions and choose the investment(s) for the account.

We do not provide tax, legal, or investment advice

Midland has no responsibility or involvement in selecting or evaluating any investment. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as investment, legal, tax, or financial advice or as a guarantee, endorsement, or certification of any investments.