Trading Account Investment FAQs

How do I send/add additional funds to my futures account?

  • To send additional funds, please log into your Midland360 account and select “Make an Investment” from the quick links on the “Home” page.
  • After selecting the account you are looking to invest with, select "Trading Account", and provide the requested information.
  • After submitting the request, youll be sent to the “Pending Client Approval” sceen.
  • Here you will need to review and approve the transaction.
  • Once the request is submitted to Midland, the funds should be issued within 1-2 business days after the funds are available.

How do I withdraw funds from my futures/forex account?

To withdraw funds, log onto your Midland Portal and request a "Trading Account Withdrawal" from the Quick Links so we can bring what is in the futures/forex account back into cash at Midland. Please make sure the requested amount is available in cash before making the request.