Private Investments & Private Stock FAQs

How would I title the name of the investor?

IRA investors have a particular name that differentiates them from a regular person. An investor working with Midland would be referred to as Midland Trust Company As Custodian {Client Name} # {account number}

Do I fill out the documents or does Midland?

Midland’s typical process includes sending the investment documents to the investor via DocuSign. Midland will pre-fill the spots that are directly related to Midland and the IRA details, and leave blank fields for you to complete for the other portions of the document.

Please note that Midland is not a fiduciary so we cannot complete the documents on your behalf or make any edits without your explicit direction.

Can the minimum balance be paid on a credit card?

Like many financial institutions Midland’s bank requires that a minimum cash balance is held, not as a fee, but as a deposit. The deposit needs to be in cash by Transfer, Rollover, or eligible Contribution.

Who receives dividends/distributions?

Any income or return from an investment should be directed to the account at Midland. The only exception applies to established Checkbook LLCs and checking accounts related to certain qualified 401k accounts.

What are the fees for?

Midland is a third-party custodian for your account(s) and duties include record keeping and tax-reporting. Midland is not a brokerage and does not sell any products or endorse any investments; Midland does not earn commission on any investments held by its clients. The fees are the administrative costs to provide services such as Client Services and investment onboarding.

I got this email asking for signed documents; what does this mean?

For our records, Midland should have a copy of fully executed documents related to each investment. If these copies are not received prior to sending funds to the investment company an auto-generated email will be sent to the main contact listed on file. Documents should be signed by an authorized representative for the company and can be securely uploaded on our website.