What are your fees? What are the fees for? How can I reduce them?

What are your fees?
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What are your fees for?
Midland charges annual administrative fees to complete the required tax reporting requirements to maintain each asset within the IRA. Due to IRS regulations, account holders are not able to hold their retirement plans directly, so a third party is required. On an annual basis, Midland is required to report any contributions made to the account, any distributions that were taken, as well as report the annual fair market value of the account. Additionally, on an as-need basis Midland will notify you of any regulatory or legislative changes that may affect your retirement account.

How can I reduce my fees?
    • Choose the most advantageous fee option Asset-based or Value-based
    • Creating a checkbook LLC might lower admin fees
    • Funds sent/received as check or ACH is less costly than wires