How do I submit/update my FMV? And what documents are required?

The easiest way to update the FMV of your assets is by logging into the online portal here:

From your online portal:

      1. Click on the Account Details tab at the top of the screen.
      2. Use the drop-down under “Account Asset Holdings” to select Update Value for the asset you want to update.
      3. Enter in the new price date and also the new market value.
      4. Attach supporting documents and select the valuation source. If there are Valuation Source Details, you can enter those also.
      5. Click Submit to create a case for our accounting team to review.

You can also submit an FMV by emailing an FMV form and supporting documents to

Another way FMVs can be submitted is to submit your FMV form and supporting documents to our secure upload section on our website:

The documents required do depend on which type of asset you hold. But overall, it needs to be a document that substantiates or backs up the value that you are submitting. Examples are listed below: 

  • Real Estate: Appraisals, broker opinion letter, comparative market analysis, or tax assessors “estimated market value”
  • Single Member LLC: The value of each asset within the LLC is required. If your LLC owns real estate, the same standards as listed above apply. If you have other assets, such as an LLC bank account, or a brokerage account, please provide a statement that shows the value as of the date you are trying to update the value for.
  • Private Placement: A periodic statement from the fund if you receive monthly statements. If not, you can have the manager of the private placement provide a letter on company letterhead as long as the manager is not yourself or a disqualified person to your IRA.
  • Trading Accounts/Crypto: A copy of a statement from the time period you are trying to update to.
  • Notes/Mortgages: Typically, the value of a note is equal to the outstanding principal balance. You only need to provide an updated valuation for notes if the current value differs from what our records show. If you do have an amortization schedule that will work as supporting documentation