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Educating You on Alternative Investments


Note: Information provided in Midland Pulse video podcasts is for educational purposes only. The opinions of the hosts and guests are their own and do not reflect the opinion of Midland IRA. Midland does not promote, endorse, or sell any investments. We do not provide any financial or tax advice. We encourage investors to consult with their financial advisor, attorney, or accountant.

1031 Exchange Insights

During this session, Dave Owens, President and CEO of Midland Trust, and Theresa Knower Senior Vice President of Midland 1031 discuss insights on what’s going on in the 1031 exchange industry.

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Strategies Funds can use to Market to High Net-Worth Investors

During this session of Midland Pulse, Brad Janitz of Midland Trust interviews Lauren Savino, founder of The Savino Group on strategies that funds can use to market to high net-worth investors with IRAs in mind.

Recession-Resistant Real Estate

During this session, Matt Calhoun from Midland Trust, interviews Paul Moore of Wellings Capital, on recession-resistant real estate.

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The Legal Side of LLCs

Garrett Sutton and Dan Hanlon discuss the legal side of LLCs and self-directed IRAs.

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