Midland Trust Company Client Portal

Midland Trust is a leading service provider to investors seeking alternative investments for their retirement accounts. We administer accounts for people who choose to invest their funds in things like real estate, private stock, hedge funds, angel investing, trading accounts, and more. 

One of the ways we simplify this process is through features built into our online access for clients.

Our clients are incredibly creative in how they invest their retirement funds. We’ve seen people buy houses, hedge funds, helicopters, loan money to friends, angel investments near and dear to them, and more. They are incredibly creative and a bit inspiring!

The Creativity of Midland clients is matched by our technology.

The good news is our Business Systems Development team is just as clever! As quickly as our clients tell us what they need to do online, our dev team builds tools that allow it. The result is our ever-evolving client portal, the gateway to client control. In it, Midland clients can:

  • Make a contribution
  • Pay an expense related to something you hold in your IRA
  •  Send additional funds to an investment
  • Request a transfer to your Midland account
  • See the status of transfers and rollovers
  • Change, add, or remove a beneficiary
  • Update personal information
  • View deposit income
  • Request distributions
  • View transactions, statements, and holdings
  • Update the value of asset(s), simplifying the annual IRS requirement 
  • Pay Midland fees
  • Invite renters or note payers to the Midland Payment Portal

While we love talking with our clients, we find most people are about as excited to call us as they are to call their dentist. So call if you like (we’re here for you!), but know that you can also find just about everything that you’ll need within the Midland Client Portal.

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