What do people buy in their retirement accounts?

Midland makes investing in alternative assets using retirement funds easy.

My Midland client portal allows me to pay bills and see rent I've deposited. All income and expenses occur within my IRA this way plus it serves as a bill-pay center for me which makes it easier to own real estate and track expenses.

I lend money out of my IRA and have my note payees use the Midland Pay app to make their payments. The income drops in faster, I don't have to deal with checks, and it makes the whole process very smooth.

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Midland's role as custodian

As a self-directed IRA custodian, Midland does not sell products nor offer financial advice. Our goal is to inspire investors to understand their investment choices and to allow them to make their own choices. We want investors who want it to have control over their retirement accounts.

When you self-direct, all income and gains in an IRA are tax-deferred until you take a distribution. With a Roth IRA, all income and gains to the account are tax-free.

Investors who are familiar with a certain type of asset class, like real estate, welcome the chance to leverage the tax advantages of their retirement savings in investment vehicles they understand.

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There are four main reasons why people invest using SDIRAs:

Control over Choices


Leverage your retirement funds to allow you to investments you are interested in and understand.

Invest in Assets That Have Opportunity for Higher Returns

Using a self directed retirement account allows investors to choose assets that may lead to higher returns than traditional investment options.

True Diversification

Brokerage account firms and banks offer limited investment choices. Those looking to diversify their investment portfolios use alternative assets within a self directed IRA. SDIRAs allow investors to hedge against market inflation with more stable, long-term investments like real estate.

Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred Growth (Time Value of Money)

When you invest using an SDIRA, you defer capital gains taxes when you sell the asset. Reinvest these tax savings in investments that produce higher returns. Create higher account values in shorter time frames. Create more wealth in your retirement account; self direct your IRA today.

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Why Choose Midland?

Who is Midland?

It's always a good idea to know who you are doing business with. We have been working with investors of alternative assets for over 25 years. Our focus is on providing personal, professional service and relentlessly efficient technology.

We are employee-owned, and we earnestly embrace diversity and inclusion. We are committed to building a team with various backgrounds, skills, and views. 

We believe in opening opportunities for our team members as well as the investors we work with.

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