Gold & Silver Investment FAQs

How do I invest in gold/silver through my IRA?

  • To invest in gold/silver in your IRA, Complete a Midland Delaware Depository Application and select either “segregated” or “non segregated”. Midland will then setup the depository account for you.
  • Once the IRA has been funded and a Delaware Depository account number given we will then instruct you to work on an invoice with the metals dealer of your choosing. The invoice should reference “Midland Trust Company FBO client name # at Midland” as the buyer, metals to be bought, at what price, and check/wire delivery instructions so we can pay the metals dealer.
  • Once we receive a copy of the invoice we will then give you a call for a quick verbal and send you a Docusign to complete some Midland Paperwork and initial the invoice electronically.
  • Midland then sends funds to the metals dealer for the purchase of the metals and send the metals dealer an email to let them know a wire is going out and we include a packing slip that goes over the contents and your depository information.
  • The metals dealer then ships metals to Midland. Midland will receive a holding statement from the depository once metals are received.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you once we are able to confirm the metals were received and deposited in your depository account.