Cryptocurrency Investment FAQs

How can I invest in cryptocurrency in my IRA?

There are several ways to participate in the world of cryptocurrency trading using IRA funds. You can:

  • open a traditional brokerage account where Bitcoin ETFs allow you to hold a basket of Bitcoin and related crypto assets on your brokerage platform like stocks,
  • open a cryptocurreny trading platform to buy, sell, hold any of a handful of popular coins without having the physical coins to store (we have two vendors offering trading accounts for this approach), or
  • establish an LLC in your Midland IRA and add an Exchange/Wallet to your investments to buy, sell, borrow, loan, etc a full array of coins.

How do I add additional funds to my IRA for investment?

You can add additional funds to your Midland IRA via Rollover, Transfer, or Contribution and then have those funds wired from your Midland IRA to your trading account or LLC to invest in cryptocurrency.