Geoff Watts, Midland Trust

What Client Service Looks Like in 2023

A message from Geoff Watts, 6-year Midlander

Let's plug ourselves into the Google Business Review for a minute...

Self-Directed IRAs are not part of any single rating system. The Michelin Star program "is the ultimate hallmark of culinary excellence. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants judged to be of a particularly high standard."  But what if there was such an agreed-upon, standardized rating system? Where would Midland IRA rank?

Let's get back to that in a minute.

The Google Business Review is a helpful tool because it provides independent insight to others. The reviews raise the profile of businesses online. Five Star Google Reviews are important to Midland, and a look at our reviews reveals a pattern that puts us on the road to Michelin-type excellence. 

I truly believe that we as individual Midland team members and as a company overall deliver a "Wow" experience to our clients and business partners at least once every single day. I don't mean we just do our job every day. Obviously we do that.  What I mean is that we truly elicit a "wow" from the people we talk to. It's just who we are. In my experience in serving Midland clients, if the client becomes amazed or begins "gushing" with enthusiasm or gratitude, I accept the feedback and hope to get more of it with the next interaction I have. I appreciate their words of thanks and kindness, and it fuels me to up my game. 

So, how good are we? One could argue that Midland IRA is Best in Class. I believe we could have a coveted Michelin Star right now if there was such a system in place. Read our reviews, look at the way we treat everyone we work with (including our fellow Midlanders), and you'll see the pattern of excellence everywhere.

We were recently involved in a book club at Midland, and this quote was one of the many standouts: "It may not be possible to do all things perfectly, but it is possible to do many things perfectly."  Unreasonable Hospitality

Another approach I take if/when things slow down at my desk is to practice my "swing," or my "game." I spend more time engaging with the clients - who by the way, love it. I diligently write up my "Notes" that clients and my fellow teammates see so that we all know where a person is in their transaction or buyer's journey. 

We are clearly on the right track at Midland, We are part of something special. We have an ESOP that reminds us We Own This! We are in control of the power switch. Keep your sunglasses nearby because you are all Cool!

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