Midland Trust Serving Clients

Midland Trust Serving Clients

At Midland, we are always finding ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We listen to our clients’ feedback and Midland’s diverse employee ideas. We continue to improve our service by implementing technological advancements and expanding our talented staff.

Growth Through Technological Advancements 

What is growth without change? To grow, we are constantly improving our service to make our processes faster and more efficient. We have made technological advances in the past months by adding many features to our Midland360 Client Portal. Through the Portal, clients can request transactions, make payments, request transfers of funds, update beneficiaries, and view all account details. We continually listen to feedback and provide our development team a steady stream of ideas that come directly from client interaction.

We’ve also launched the Midland Trust app, which allows clients to easily access their Midland accounts on the go. For those clients who have renters or borrowers, we created the Midland Pay app. This app allows renters and borrowers to easily make monthly payments directly to the account holder’s IRA at Midland.

Our technology team works persistently to implement simple and effective solutions that help our clients reach their financial goals.

Defining the standard

One core company goal is to provide professional, personal service to everyone we work with. The way we pursue this is by emphasizing every day that "we do business the way our clients want to do business." So whether that is by email, phone, or chat, they will get a quick response from one of our Client Service Associates. 

Having knowledgeable employees allows us to maintain a high standard of responsiveness and service to our clients. Clients can trust that they will have accurate and timely answers to their questions. We value our clients’ time and know there is nothing worse than waiting in a phone queue or not getting a response.

Continued Growth and Improvement

Another core goal we share as a company is Relentlessly Pursue Efficiency. Through our workflow processes and our ability to communicate needs to our development team, we ensure this goal is continually fulfilled. We are always trying to simplify the process of managing your alternative investment account.

Keep an eye out for more improvements in the future. As always, thank you for your continued business. We hope that you have benefited from these improvements and are excited to continue with us on our growth journey.

We have offices in Florida, Chicago, and South Dakota to service our client’s needs.

About Midland

The Midland family of companies is a nationwide leading custodial services provider. We focus on self-directed IRA accounts, 1031 exchanges, and private fund custody services. We pride ourselves on being the most responsive company in our industry. Midland is focused on providing clients with as many opportunities as possible to defer or eliminate taxes through both self-directed saving plans and 1031 exchanges. Our services give clients complete control over their retirement investment decisions by allowing them the ability to self-direct in real estate and other alternative assets while our 1031 services focus on tax-free exchanges for real estate investors.


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