Midland Helps Keep Lee County Beautiful

Midland Helps Keep Lee County Beautiful

At Midland we love to volunteer and give back to the community. Midland is known for making donations and volunteering in our local community. On Saturday, February 19, 2022, 11 of Midland’s valued employees headed out to volunteer for the non-profit organization, Keep Lee County Beautiful (KLCB). Last year, Midland adopted the shore along the bay at Salty Sam’s Marina with the aim to keep our shore and community clean. You would not believe the pounds of trash that was collected.

Keeping the Shore Clean

At 8:30 am our volunteers launched out of Salty Sam’s Marina located in Fort Myers, FL. The routine is to meet on time, bring drinks to stay hydrated, rent kayaks, and go down the shoreline collecting waste like fishing wires, ropes, plastic bags, and much more all while enjoying Florida’s weather. Who said volunteering had to be boring? Not Midland!

Who is KLCB

Keeping Lee County Beautiful is a non-profit organization that was established as an environmental corporation in February 1990. KLCBs mission is to inspire, educate, and engage the Lee County community in improving, beautifying, and protecting our environment. Since 2017, KLCB has removed 208,960 lbs of litter and planted 36,503 plants, gardens and trees. We encourage everyone to volunteer or donate to KLCB; there are plenty of involvement opportunities to choose from.

The Importance of Volunteering at Midland

It may seem out of reach to be able to find time to volunteer, but I recommend that you do it. Volunteering is known to increase self-confidence and provides you with a sense of accomplishment. At Midland, we believe that People Make Midland so we encourage our employees to be the best that they can be so we can help live in a clean and safe community.

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