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What Is a Self-Directed IRA?

Self-directed IRAs are the most dynamic type of retirement vehicle, allowing IRA owners unlimited possibilities and opportunities. All kinds of retirement accounts qualify for self-direction. Investors can select from a broad range of assets permitted within a self-directed account. Savvy investors know the power of a Midland self-directed IRA.

Why should you self-direct an IRA? All income and gains in an IRA account are tax-deferred until distributions are made. With a Roth IRA, all income and gains are tax-free.

Advantages of Investing With IRA Funds

There are three primary reasons why people invest using self-directed IRAs:

1. Alternate source of funding

You may not realize that IRA funds can invest in real estate, private loans, private companies, and more. You potentially earn higher returns than you would by investing in traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

2. Looking for higher returns

Investing through a brokerage firm or bank offers limited investment choices. Investors who are unsatisfied with the returns these investments provide often look for alternatives. Using a self-directed IRA allows investors to select assets they know and understand, leading to higher returns.

3. Tax-free or tax-deferred growth (time value of money)

When you invest using a self-directed IRA, you defer capital gains taxes when selling your investments. Reinvest these tax savings in assets that produce higher returns. Create higher account values in shorter time frames. Generate more wealth in your retirement account; self-direct your IRA today.

Alternative Assets Available in Self-Directed IRAs